Customs Clearance In Nigeria Documents Needed

If you are a planning to set up your import-based business in Nigeria, you must abide by the guidelines declared by the federal government. It takes around two weeks’ time for your goods to get the clearance from the customs department of the country.

You alongside a registered clearing agent Flocargo will be required to fulfill a number of documents and formalities before you finally get your shipment in your hold –

Bill of Landing –bill of landing gives proof that you are the actual owner of this shipment in the Nigerian boundary. You will be asked to show the ‘Original Bill of Lading’, also known as OBL.

Proforma Invoice-This is issued by the supplier showing the amount of the imported consignment.

Form M – The Form M needs to be submitted with the proforma invoice, the valued inventory, and the copies of passport and resident permit of the consignee.

PAAR –The full meaning of PAAR is pre arrival assessment report ,This is issued by the Nigerian customs after submission of necessary document for there assessment

Packing List – This list gives details about the items bundled in the shipment. The officials during the customs check match and review the items present in the list.

If yours is a general cargo, you will be required to furnish these documents and official formalities –

CCVO – Combined Certificate of Value and Origin of the consignment also needs to be presented by the consignee.

Packing List – (Explained earlier)

Copy of insurance – A copy of statement issued by the insurance company has to be submitted along with other documents.

PERMITS –You may either need a SONCAP or NAFDAC certificate depending on what item you are importing

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